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Top Bathtub Enamel Repair Tips

Has your bathtub become faulty? Read on to learn about several top bathtub enamel repair tips that should help make it as good as new.
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Do you love soaking in the tub?

There’s really nothing better than chilling out at the end of a long day by filling your bathtub with steamy hot water and letting the cares of the world simply float away.

But when you’re a homeowner, you might notice cracks or chips in your bathtub enamel. This can be incredibly annoying. Fortunately, this article provides great bathtub enamel repair tips to help your tub look good as new.

Here you’ll find an easy-to-understand bathtub enamel repair guide that anyone can use to apply a quick fix.

Keep reading to learn more.

The Tools and Supplies You’ll Need

Repairing chips in your bathtub requires minimal tools and supplies.

The key tools include a roller, a sponge brush, latex gloves, a shaker, and a tray. You might also want to have a respirator so you don’t have to breathe the fumes, as well as a tack cloth, putty removal tool, caulking gun, and a sponge.

The basic supplies needed to repair a chip include abrasive cleaner, paper towels, plastic bags, rubber bands, caulking, painter’s tape, along with a finishing kit containing coating plus hardener and anti-slip additive.

Clear Items From the Tub

The first step is to remove your bathing accessories from the tub or shower. This includes draining water from the tub and clearing away soap and shampoo bottles.

Clean the Tub 

Next, you’ll want to give the tub a thorough scrubbing. This will help the materials adhere better when you’re ready to make the repair.

Once the enamel in your tub is nice and clean, scrub it with an etching powder to remove the light from the damaged area. The key is to lightly sand the area to remove the previous coating as much as possible.

Then you’ll need to clean the dry tub using an antistatic cloth and cover the faucets with plastic bags that are secured with rubber bands. This will prevent water from coming into content with the work area.

Apply a Primer Coating

Use your roller to apply a primer coating to the chipped area of the tub. While the primer is drying, stir the refinishing coatings and mix with the hardener.

Be sure to apply as smoothly as possible so that the coating will blend with the surrounding area.

Sponge Brush

Now you’ll need to switch to the sponge brush. The key is to pass this brush parallel to the adhesive tape you’ve used to mask off the undamaged portion of your tub.

Keep a fan running in the bathroom for at least a day to help the repair materials dry as quickly as possible.

Hire a Repair Professional

The best strategy for repairing your tub is to hire a bathtub enamel repair specialist. These professionals understand how to make your tub look great so that you can relax.

Here’s a good resource for finding a Bath Re-Enamelling service.

A Guide to Repairing Bathtub Enamel

When it comes to owning a home, the need for small repairs can sometimes feel overwhelming. This is especially true when it comes to bathroom repairs. Fortunately, this guide to repairing bathtub enamel will help make those tasks around the house a little easier.

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