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The Different Types of Patio Materials That Homeowners Have Today

Do you want to entertain your family and friends on your backyard patio? Here are the different types of patio materials that homeowners are in love with today.
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A patio can be the beating heart of a backyard. It’s where you hang out with friends and family, around a firepit, or under twinkling lights, laughing into the late hours of the night.

Building a patio can be a personal experience. The type of patio materials you choose to express your style will depend on your personal preference, budget, where you plan on building the patio, and its size. 

Want to know how to choose? Keep reading! We’ll explain the benefits of each type and what they’ll add to your new backyard oasis. 

Patio Materials 

When considering the types of patios out there, most people picture concrete or brick, but there are other options too. Patio materials come in all shapes, sizes, and finishes. 

Paver Patio

A paver patio can be straight concrete, or you can install paver stones. These can be natural stone, concrete, or clay and are the typical type of material you’ll see in someone’s backyard.

This style of patio is affordable, easy to maintain, and affordable. On occasion, weeds and other plant life can make their way through the cracks of the stones. 


Brick is a classic option, used for building homes and patios alike for a very long time. Brick is versatile, allowing you to choose from various patterns, such as herringbone and running bond

If your patio is located in a lot of shade, moss can grow on it easily. Brick is also known to retain moisture which can cause issues in the winter months when it freezes and cracks. 


Tile is not something most people consider when building a patio, but it is an excellent option for people who live in temperate weather. Using unglazed ceramic tile is best for a patio to prevent it from getting slippery when wet.

If you decide to go with the tile, you can also add sealant or other coatings to protect the tiles from stains, wear, and moisture issues. 

Loose Stone

If you want to replace part of your lawn with something that won’t soak up a ton of water, you can add loose materials like gravel, crushed stone, sand, or mulch. You can add loose stone to some of the other materials mentioned above or try it out on a small side area of your home to see if you like it. 

Mixing and matching your materials can visually add a little more to your backyard space and break up large areas. 

Finishing off Your Patio 

Once you have the backyard patio of your dreams, search out where to buy outdoor furniture to finish off the best patio possible. You can decorate with plants, textiles, and lighting to create a cozy and welcoming space. 

You also have the option to build a fire pit into your patio for that extra level of comfort and coziness. 

What Kind of Outdoor Patio Will You Build? 

Choosing the patio materials for your next project can be exciting! Determine what you are willing to spend and think about how your want to design your space. Adding a beautiful patio can not only give you a gorgeous place to entertain but add value to your home as well. 

If you enjoyed reading this article and want to know more about home improvement and other real estate tips, you can find more on the other pages of our blog! Take a look and find another project to tackle today. 

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