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Increase The Value Of Your House With These Cheap Improvements

Increase The Value Of Your House
Posted by Carl

Who doesn’t want to increase the value of their homes? Increasing the value of a home is useful for people who are planning to sell the home later, invest in the home, or simply make the home more comfortable.

But some people think that they need to spend a ton of money on repairs to increase the value of their homes. That is entirely wrong, some repairs are cheap and essentials at the same time. Meaning that by spending only what’s necessary, you can increase the value of your home. So there are some cheap repairs or improvements that you can do to increase the value of your house.

Repaint the walls

You know, I know it, we all know it. Repainting the walls is one of the easiest and cheapest things you can do to improve your house. A fresh coat of paint can make your room or entire house looks new and clean.

If you’re not planning to sell the house, you can go with whatever color combinations you want. But if you’re planning to sell it later, your best bet is to stick to neutral colors because they will attract a greater number of potential buyers. That being said, the colors you used are going to play a critical role in attracting certain people, so choose wisely.

Change the doorknobs

Sometimes people notice the little things in a house. Squeaky and loose doorknobs will not go unnoticed, even you as the homeowner must be annoyed by that, let alone potential home buyers. Many homeowners also ignore their doorknobs, and it could be a big mistake to make.

But don’t worry, repairing or replacing the doorknobs is cheap. Choosing the doorknobs though can be tricky. Some experts would suggest that you consider the era of the home before installing accessories. If the new doorknobs aren’t matching the house, they’re going to stand out too much. So please remember that.

Upgrade landscaping

Curb appeal matters a lot to potential buyers. It is one of the first details that they see once they visit the house. Weeds and brown shrubbery could lower the value of your home and you certainly don’t want that.

Unfortunately, many homeowners are hesitant to improve their landscaping – thinking that it’s going to be expensive and exhausting. But it’s not as expensive as you may think. You can even hire a landscaping company if the price is right. Otherwise, you can always do it yourself by purchasing a few cheap plants and placing them outside your house. There are also many fertilizers that you can purchase to improve the quality of your lawn easily.

Change the front door

Similar to the topic above, the front door is one of the first details that potential homebuyers see. A quick change to your front door can do a lot of things including increasing the value of your house. Considering how simple it is, why not do it immediately?

You can start by simply repainting the front door. Try to use colors that stand out and welcoming that fit the theme of your house. If you are willing to put more money into this, you can always get a new door. Sometimes, this is better than just repainting it, depending on the state and appearance of the old door.

Don’t forget the bathrooms and toilets

I think the majority of potential home buyers put bathrooms and toilets on top of their priority lists. You can improve your bathrooms and toilets by a lot by simply installing a small makeover. Even small updates like vanity cabinets and toilets can improve the bathrooms by a lot.

Replace light fixtures

Last but not least, is replacing the light fixtures. Sometimes, homeowners don’t realize that their house looks a bit dim. Just like repainting the walls, a simple change in light fixtures can make the entire house looks more alive. Your home will be brighter, more modern, and welcoming.


These small and cheap improvements are not to be underestimated. The value of your home could increase and more potential buyers might come if you apply some or all of the improvements in this article.

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