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Great Modifications To Do Before Renting Your Properties

Great Modifications To Do
Posted by Carl

Being a landlord means that you have to care for your tenants. There are things that you can do to make your tenants feel more comfortable. And in doing that, you can benefit both tenants and you.

Implementing some improvements, repairs, or modifications to your properties is like investing for a better future. Your tenants will be more comfortable, and your properties will be more appealing to potential tenants. And that is the more reasons to prepare everything before opening your properties up for rent. Here are some great modifications to do before renting your properties.

Start with landscaping

The sidewalk and front yard are the first things that people see. By improving the landscaping and making it more appealing, you can effectively increase the value of your property and attract more potential tenants.

You can always do it yourself by planting trees, cleaning the sidewalk, prune shrubs and overgrown trees, and so on. Or you can also hire a landscaper to do everything for you. You can also add nice little things such as hanging baskets, potted plants, outdoor lamps, etc.

Repaint the walls

This is always my favorite thing to do to make the entire building more welcoming. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your properties and make them look new and exciting. Paint is a low cost and doesn’t require a lot of time and energy – an efficient way to make your properties look clean and inviting.

Choosing the right colors can be tricky. You can always go the safe route with neutral colors, or use a mix of colors if you’re feeling brave. Consider the entire theme of the building to help you decide.

New shutters or curtains

Privacy is a big concern for tenants. But the solution can be simpler than you may think. Many homes have shutters and curtains that protect the interior from privy eyes. Clean shutters or window blinds, or replace them entirely if they are already broken and old. These items shouldn’t be expensive and can make your tenants feel more at home. Shutters or curtains can also be important during thunderstorms.

Keep everything clean

That’s right, keeping everything clean is also a type of modification that you can do. Keeping everything clean is also one of the easiest and cheapest ways to make some improvements on a rental property. No one wants to stay in a dirty building, or at least people will try to negotiate a cheaper rent amount.

Replace the front door

The front door, along with landscaping, is going to be the first thing people see. If the front door is dirty, old, and broken, people are going to think that the entire building is just like that. Imagine walking up to the front door, and you see dust and spider webs everywhere, and the doorknobs are all dirty and sticky. You must not want to get inside the building, right? If the front door is in bad condition, it’d be best to replace it, otherwise, you can clean it, repair the doorknobs, and repaint it.

Upgrade your appliances

Nothing is more depressing than old or broken appliances. You must keep monitoring all the appliances in the building, especially after the old tenants move out. Check and make sure that everything is working properly and clean.

It’s not uncommon to find a tap has a slow leak or the microwave only works on a certain setting. Regular maintenance should be enough to catch these problems before it’s too late. But you will certainly need extra effort and money to repair them before new tenants come. You have to be quick and punctual, or you’ll lose your tenants’ trust.

Replace the light fixtures

And lastly, we have the light fixtures. A dim room or building will turn tenants away, and you certainly don’t want that. Compare each room in the building properly and see if some of them are dimmer than the others. Doing this should be cheap enough and doesn’t require much time.


All these great modifications are great because they’re relatively cheap and easy to do. Therefore, there are no reasons to ignore them. Your tenants will be more comfortable as a result, and you will successfully avoid problems in the future.

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